bitten by a dog? you need help

A dog bite can leave you with medical expenses, loss time at work and other damages. To make matters worse the dog owner is denying liability and refuses to compensate you for your injuries. Often enough, this is the case. You need an attorney. Call Dadan Law Firm at 772-579-0347.

What Should I Do After I Have Been Bitten by a Dog?

  1. Get the owner’s information
  2. Contact law enforcement
  3. Talk to any witnesses
  4. Get medical treatment
  5. Document your medical expenses
  6. Take pictures of any injuries
  7. Contact animal control and report the dog attack if you were unable to locate the owner
  8. Call an attorney

What Can I Seek Compensation For?

  • Medical bills
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Emotional pain/mental anguish
  • Past and future loss of income

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Florida has a statute of limitations that applies to dog bites. You must file your claim within four years of the date of the attack or be barred from recovery. For this reason, its highly recommended that you contact our office immediately to get started on your case.

It’s important that you call and speak to an attorney today to defend your case. We are one of the best law firms that offers representation in Saint Lucie County, Martin County, Indian River County, Broward County, Dade County and Palm Beach County.

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