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At Dadan Law Firm we will help you navigate child support agreements. Child support is determined by a legal document called child support guidelines. There are several factors the child support guidelines consider including, but not limited to:

  • Income of the parties
  • Percentage of overnight stays with each parent
  • Total monthly health insurance costs
  • Monthly child care payments

What if I Don’t Have a Job Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

If you don’t have a job and you are capable of working child support will be imputed at the current minimum wage.

Can Child Support Be Deducted From My Pay Check?

The judge can sign an income deduction order requiring that your child support payments come out of your employment check each month.

What Happens if I Do Not Pay Child Support?

  • You can go to jail
  • Your driver’s license can be suspended
  • Your income can be deducted from your paycheck

Can I Receive Retroactive Child Support?

Both parents are responsible for paying child support, however if both parents have not been paying you can seek payment for their portion up to 24 months prior to filing for support. The child support can be paid in installments or in one lump sum.

The complicated issues surrounding child support can be extremely challenging. Let us help you. We are one of the best law firms that offers representation in Saint Lucie County, Martin County, Indian River County, Broward County, Dade County and Palm Beach County.

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