Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I have known attorney Sasha since 2015. I have a photography business and she was one of my first clients. I needed legal assistance and retained her services. She is very responsive to phone calls, she worked to resolve my problem quickly and was very knowledgeable of the law..I would recommend Sasha to anyone!

Nivar Photography

She gave me my life back

Sasha is an amazing attorney! She was always available if I had questions etc, regardless of the time or day. She explained the process step by step, gave me all my options and was extremely patient with me. I have spent the last couple of days trying to come up with the right words to describe my experience with Attorney Sasha Dadan Bonna and I just kept going back to this… Don’t let her small stature and friendly smile fool you. When it comes to trial, this woman is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing!!! She is a straight up 10 foot tall beast!!

I think that should explain it. She gave me my life back, thank you Sasha!!!

Kim F.

She always kept it real with me

I have been a client of Sasha’s for over a 1year. I came to her through a review that I had read about her and the firm that she works with. Although my situation looked very grim, Sasha came through for me. If you think that there are lawyers that just don’t care about their clients? Sasha is not one of them. She was truthful all the way through my case even thought it hurt. She always kept it real with me. I was facing some serious time and got it down to some community supervision and a very short probationary period. I highly recommend her and her firm. Thank You for saving me.

Keith G.

I would recommend her for any criminal matter

Ms. Dadan is a great lawyer. She is very understanding and will work with your situation. She got me the outcome I wanted for my case through hard work and determination that took years! She’s very consistent and knowledgeable, and I would recommend her for any criminal matter.

Charmaine E.

She is absolutely amazing

Sasha is a complete savage in the court room. She’s exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Sasha you will not be disappointed. If you want your very own Camille Vasquez look no further because she is it. She is absolutely amazing

Russell L.

Very thankful and appreciative

Very thankful and appreciative for the DADAN LAW FIRM! aggressive, knowledgeable, and diligence, thank you for your time, and making my case important, as if it were your own!.

Travis G.

Sasha was always on point

A good friend referred me to Dadan Law Firm and it was such a good decision I made using them as my divorce lawyers.

Sasha was always on point. Constant communication so I can be aware of where she was in the process. I always felt I was in the loop and up to date with the next step. Literally hand held until the whole thing was completed.

I truly appreciate all you did Sasha!

Theresa J.

Made me feel so much better about the case

Beyond pleased with what she did for me. You would be crazy not to use Ms.Sacha. She helped me out so much. She took the stress I had away. Made me feel so much better about the case. And I believe we won it. She makes it an easy process. Will be using her again very soon for custody rights.

Brandon E.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Attorney Sasha is an excellent attorney. I hired her to help me with my legal case. She is very attentive, she answered all of my phone calls personally, and returned my calls promptly. She does what she says she is going to do. Her prices are very reasonable. Sasha is very organized and well prepared for court. She is kind and courteous and personable. She is passionate about what she does and offers her best. I am very pleased with the representation I received.

Anthony Brown

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am so incredibly pleased with the professionalism, and attention to detail Sasha provided. Her negotiation skills are second to none. Her honesty and straightforward approach at all times with me, not only made me feel at ease, but also allowed me to make the best choices in my case. I would strongly recommend her as legal representation to any of my closet friends , or family. After my case was completed, It was quite clear I had made the best possible choice, and was in very good hands from beginning to completion of my case. Thank You!!!

Mark Connell


I really loved how comfortable Sasha made me feel during this whole process. If there was any uncertainty she was very good about explaining anything I needed and gave great piece of mind. Would recommend 100%! 10/10

Josh Hopkins

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Wonderful attorney can count on her all the time 🙂 cares about people and your situation like a real person good hearted and good with all cases I highly recommend her she will get you the best deal !!!!!!

Abigail Nieto

Sasha is amazing

Sasha is amazing. She was always a call away. She kept me informed in every process. This was a difficult time for me and she made it easier. Look no further. I spent the day looking for an attorney and right from the beginning I knew it was something special about Sasha. The outcome in my case was successful! Thank you Sasha.

Erik Cane

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Ms Bonna was amazing. She was understanding and knew how to guide me during my case. She double checks to make sure all is in order so that court went smoothly and efficiently. I can’t thank her enough. She was the perfect choice for my case!

Colleen King

Unconventional Law Facts and Practices

I was very happy with my experience with Sasha. She is very knowledgeable, determined and organized. She handled my case swiftly and professionally. In addition, Sasha demonstrated the ability to go the extra mile to further research unconventional law facts and practices. I highly recommend this attorney.

Raf Velazquez

Highly Recommend

Sasha Dadan was so nice to work with. I found her very accommodating and knowledgeable. She was able to handle my legal problem with ease. I would highly recommend her for all your legal needs.

Richard C.

Sincerely cares about her Clients

She’s an exceptional lawyer who sincerely cares about her clients. When I decided not to go through with a case, Sasha refunded me for the amount she didn’t use from my retainer. No lawyer does that!!! She treats her clients like a valued human being and deeply cares about them. She’s kind, but she will fight for you. I interviewed a LOT of lawyers – Many who will boast decades of experience and big egos. Don’t fall for that. Go with Sasha who knows what she’s doing; is super professional; always responds in a timely manner and CARES! She’s got everything you’re looking for in a stellar lawyer: integrity; intelligence; experience; boldness; kindness and compassion. Her rates are great too!!! Don’t go with anyone else.

Naty Omana

Excellent Professional

Excellent professional! I have been working with her as an interpreter and she really does a great job

Dory A.

Sasha worked incredibly Hard and Diligent

Sasha worked incredibly hard and diligent on my case and acquired a granted motion in court this morning in a probation termination modification hearing which has changed my life dramatically! She is super professional and focused with amazing client response time and a real passion for being thorough and prepared to win. Look no further in your legal search. Sasha has a vibrant, fresh approach to the legal system which is comforting and full of confidence.

Frank A. Tedesco

Sasha was a great Help

I’m out off state and Sasha was a great help, she always answered my calls and was on top of everything needed to settle my case

Camilo Carvajal

Helping me with my Issue

Would personally like to thank Dadan Law Firm for helping me with my issue …Dadan Law Firm helped me get into court when the court system themselves forgot me. Would recommend them hands down.

Frank P.

Handled Business Professionally

Handled business professionally and quickly.

Richard W.

My Ticket Dismissed

So happy with my results – Sasha was able to get my ticket dismisse

Angela and Randall M.

Great Job

Thanks you Sasha. You did a great job with my case. You got my case dismissed.

Cole J.

All Charges Dropped

I could hardly believe that I was falsely accused of a crime. I knew it wasn’t true, but I was arrested and charged. Facing the loss of my job and my freedom, I hired Sasha to represent me. Through her determined advocacy, all charges were dropped. Just like that, I got my life back. Thank you Sasha.



Sasha is a great attorney. She represented me in an injunction case that was filed against me by my ex. Due to her efforts, trial tactics and determination she successfully got the judge to rule in my favor and no injunction was issued against me.



Sasha was professional and knowledgeable. She was able to get my ticket dismissed.


I highly recommend Sasha!

Sasha Dadan represented me on my Romeo Juliet case. Sasha researched the Romeo Juliet case very thoroughly and was able to present my case with the knowledge needed to show the Judge just how my case fit the statute. Because of Sasha’s professionalism and determination to right a wrong, she won my case . Because of Sasha my future is much brighter.


Very happy

Amazing service, an actual Attorney who picked up her own phone when I called, cared about my welfare, asked me questions and was genuinely concerned about my health and my car after the accident. This woman was amazing And I would highly recommend you trying an actual Attorney and a human being over a TV Commercial out for a dollar law firm hiring actors and paying for endorsements



She helped me out in my time of need for the case and delivered what she said she intended to help me do.


I Recommend Sasha

I was in desperate need of my money back from a home I intended to rent but was not up to living standards and me and my wife called Sasha and she helped us get our money back I’m very happy we found her


Job Well Done, Sasha

Thank you Sasha for the excellent work you did in negotiating a great settlement for us with our Creditors.
A big weight has been lifted off our companies shoulders. It is rare these days to find justice in a bad company decision, but you found it.
I am very pleased with the outcome of your work.


Excellent lawyer

My experience with Sasha was completely excellent. She found a loophole that got me out of jail after being there for 2 months on false charges that the state filed against me. Sasha research cases like mine and found that the state was in the wrong and falsely imprisoned me. I was out four hours after seeing the judge! Thanks Sasha!



Ms. Dadan represented me in a VOP and she had her facts researched and ready to go on the day of my hearing. She was very determined to win my case despite the impatient judge that we had. Fortunately, was case won due to her determination and readiness to present facts.

Michele Cain

I would recommend to Sasha anyone I know

She helped me so much through the entire process. She walked me through everything that I would need to know and prepped me until I felt completely comfortable before we walked in the courtroom. We ended up having to go back to court and she was with me the entire way and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! I couldn’t thank her enough for her help and knowledge.


Highly Recommended!

Sasha explained everything I needed to know in regards to what we needed to file, and what the possible outcomes would be. She answered any questions I had and explained all paperwork and all court proceedings. She was extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I would definitely recommend her!


Dismissed Battery – DISMISSED

Sasha’s Client was charged with battery. Sasha immediately contacted witnesses on the case and presented evidence to the State Attorney’s Office before any scheduled court hearing. The case was immediately dismissed do to her due diligence and efforts to resolve the case.


Acquitted Assault – ACQUITTED

Sasha’s client was charged with assault on off duty police officer. Sasha took the case to trial and relentlessly cross examined the police officer and introduced defense witnesses in the case. The jury deliberated for two hours and returned with a not guilty verdict.


Dismissed Felony Violation of Probation – DISMISSED

Sasha’s client was facing 5 years in prison for failure to pay costs of supervision and court fees. Sasha was able to get the case dismissed arguing that the probation warrant had been executed after probation had terminated and could not be enforced. Sasha’s client was spared a maximum of five (5) years in prison.


Charge Reduced First Degree Petit Theft Charge – REDUCED

Client was charged with first-degree petit theft and faced up to a year in county jail. Sasha was able to get the charges reduced to a second degree misdemeanor after she argued that the value of the item taken did not meet the legal requirement for first degree petit theft. The client walked away owing only court costs.


Case Dismissed Possession of Marijuana under 20 grams – DISMISSED

Sasha’s Client was stopped by law enforcement for a broken tag light. Officer alleged to have smelled marijuana in the client’s car and searched the client. A baggie of marijuana was discovered in the client’s pant pocket. The client was arrested and faced up to a year in the county jail. When the client met Sasha she immediately stepped in and fought to get the charges dismissed. She filed a motion to suppress all evidence seized. A hearing was conducted and Sasha successfully got the judge to grant the motion. The case was subsequently dismissed.


Not Guilty Traveling to Meet a Minor for Sex – NOT GUILTY & Use of a Computer Device to Solicit Sex – NOT GUILTY

Sasha’s client was accused of traveling to meet a minor for sex and using a computer device to solicit sex. Because of the serious nature of the offenses Sasha’s client was bound for prison and the State Attorney’s Office would not budge. Sasha’s client had confessed to the act nevertheless Sasha was determined to fight for her client. After an intense three day trial, the jury returned with two Not Guilty verdicts.