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How Is Paternity Established in Florida?

In Florida, Paternity is established two ways:

  1. A child is born within a marriage
  2. Paternity is established through the court system in an Establishment of Paternity Case

Who Can File a Paternity Action?

A paternity action can be filed by the following:

  1. Department of Revenue
  2. Mother of the child
  3. Father of the child
  4. A legal representative acting on behalf of the child

When the Department of Revenue files a paternity action and the father is determined; the father will not receive visitations with the child. The DOR will only issue child support orders.

What Are Some of the Legal Rights I Will Have After Paternity Has Been Established?

  1. You will have rights to timesharing
  2. You will be able to make decisions on behalf of your child
  3. You will have access to medical and school records

Can Paternity Be Commenced Before a Child’s Birth?

Paternity can be commenced before a child’s birth, but the court cannot enter any final order until after the child’s birth.

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