The different legal realities of Florida child support can be highly confusing to even the most experienced citizen. Trying to understand how much of your income will need to be set aside is no small feat considering all the different factors likely to be brought up in front of a court.

Our team at Dadan Law Firm understands how to successfully navigate these cases so you contribute a fair amount to your child’s well-being without being left financially destitute. Here is some quick information about what you should know about child support in Florida

How Child Support is Calculated in Florida

Most courts will follow a basic framework to calculate how much you’ll be obliged to pay in child support. This is more than simply adding up the incomes of parents and then splitting them down the middle. It will look closely at essential expenses like taxes, health insurance, and other costs related to employment or daycare.

An excellent example of this understanding is busting the myth that household expenses will decrease child support payments. In reality, the aim of a formula and court’s decision is to ensure the support reflects the real financial responsibilities of both parents toward their children, not just one or the other.

The Role of Child Support Lawyers in St. Lucie

Working with qualified attorneys to navigate Florida child support in St. Lucie helps you find the best-fit situation. Every representation is   based on the unique needs of your given situation to better understand:

1) The total incomes from all parties involved, including any hidden assets.
2) How often a child will spend with one parent or another (often called the percentage of overnight stays during time sharing).
3) Any health insurance or medical obligations.
4) Childcare payments for necessities, including during times of the day when you are at work.

These are only a few of the considerations. Even those parents unemployed are expected to pay their “fair share” of child support. In these cases, child support can be calculated based on the potential income of a minimum wage at the given age of that parent.

The point is, if you are facing a child support situation, there will be a way for the court to set and obligation on your income. You want a qualified Florida child support attorney on your side so your concerns are heard and the support is adjusted to your unique situation.

In the event you do not pay child support, you can expect serious consequences ranging from having your income garnished to jail time. There is even a way for parents to seek child support retroactively up to 24 months prior to filing. Without an attorney by your side, you can quickly find yourself on the wrong end of a lump sum payment that will wipe out your savings.

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