Child custody battles are never easy. Even in the most amicable situations, details emerge that can quickly turn a straightforward custody plan into a complex web of meeting times, arrangements, and concerns.

Working with a fully qualified family law attorney Fort Pierce, FL team is your best resource for getting the child custody arrangement you desire. That way, you minimize the stress of the situation for everyone involved, especially for the one at the center of the entire experience—the child.

What Determines Child Custody in Florida?

Child custody is known by a different term in the state of Florida. This is known as “timesharing” and typically happens during a divorce situation. A family court judge will review both sides of the equation, as well as the desires of the child, and try to find an arrangement that works best for all parties.

Many factors determine how a timesharing arrangement will end. These can include the child’s preference, the parents’ mental and physical health, how each parent works with the unique special needs of the child in question, and the presence of a stable home environment.

In addition, your family law attorney Fort Pierce, FL team will bring up any cultural or religious considerations, as well as the potential influence of extended family members on the child’s environment.

Florida’s Approach to Custody Decisions

You want an experienced family law attorney Fort Pierce, FL team to help you navigate the unique nature of timesharing decisions. As of July 1, 2023, most of these cases will involve a presumption of favor for a 50/50 or “equal” timesharing arrangement.

If that timeshare agreement cannot be reached, a judge will then weigh up the different factors brought forward to find a better situation for the child. This is when a timesharing parenting plan may be created. Here, parents are encouraged to reach some sort of sharing situation that usually falls into categories like:

  • Weekly arrangements
  • Two-week timesharing
  • A 4-3-3-4 schedule
  • A 2-3-2 schedule
  • A 2-2-5-5 schedule

There are exceptions, and customizing a plan can work, but for the most part, a timeshare agreement will involve one of these formulas

Modifying the Parenting Plan

Of course, modifying any of these timesharing plans is pretty common. Your family law attorney Fort Pierce, FL team will offer reasons a change needs to be made due to a family death, potential child abuse, other convictions like a DUI while the child was in the car, or some long-term situation like imprisonment or a job commitment away from the other parent.

As long as there is fair treatment of all parties, most of these situations can be easily accommodated. You want an experienced family law attorney Fort Pierce, FL team if your ex-partner is using these excuses to modify the plan in their favor without cause.

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