Hundreds of thousands of moving violations are issued every year in the State of Florida. Even something as simple as driving 2 miles over the speed limit will incur a fine. If you are caught driving 30 miles over the speed limit you will have a mandatory court appearance and will be provided with a court date. However, with an attorney, you don’t have to appear.

Working with Civil traffic tickets is part of our specialty at Dadan Law Firm. Before you make a decision on how to proceed with your citation, consider what options you may have available by speaking to an attorney at Dadan Law Firm. Paying for a moving violation citation, is not the best option considering, you will automatically be adjudicated and you will receive points on your driving record, which may affect your insurance premium and lead to a driver’s license suspension.

We want to help you avoid points being added to your driving record. Working with an experienced attorney is crucial to ensuring a positive outcome in your case.

Another reason you should not consider paying for your traffic citation outright is because your traffic citation could be dismissed. Some of the reasons a traffic citation is dismissed:

  1. Officer who wrote citation failed to show for court
  2. Witnesses failed to show for court
  3. Error on the citation
  4. Citation written out to the wrong driver

Our approach is a little different than the other firms in Florida. We are not here for bulk traffic ticket situations. We work with each individual to find a workable resolution and strategy tailored to your needs. That includes offering competitive rates so you don’t feel “priced out” of fair and experienced legal representation.

The primary focus of contesting traffic tickets with our team is to ensure:

  • Dismiss the citation when possible.
  • Request a withhold of adjudication so that you may not receive points on your driver’s record.
  • You do not have to attend court.
  • You may be able to avoid the inconvenience of taking an in-person driving school.
  • You can rest easy in court by having your best interests represented by our team.

Our services are not purely for speeding tickets. We cover  all types of moving violations like failure to yield for emergency vehicles, failure to use turn signal,  failure to stop for a stop sign, reckless or careless driving, improper passing, driving while under a suspended license, DUI, driving without a valid driver’s license and many more.

The process we follow is straightforward and gets down to the root of your traffic ticket case. We will help guide you through every step of the way by carefully analyzing the specifics of your situation, developing a strategic approach to a favorable outcome, and rigorously defending you and your rights.

Dadan Law Firm is proud to work with clients across Saint Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, Indian River, Broward, Brevard, and Palm Beach County. This diverse area of expertise allows us to know the various ins and outs of local law enforcement, courts, and traffic tickets that tend to pop up the most.

To learn more about how you can successfully contest a traffic ticket, give us a call at (772) 579-2771. We are happy to discuss your situation and pursue a reasonable and strategic solution that lowers your financial responsibility. From unnecessary points to avoiding driving school to helping you with court appearances, Dadan Law Firm is here for you.