The Role of Mediation in Resolving Family Law Disputes in Fort Pierce

Anytime a family faces some form of internal struggle or dispute, it can lead to some emotionally driven challenges. These complex issues will negatively impact your finances, personal relationships, and much more – especially when children are involved. One of the better options for smoothing out these harsh situations is utilizing legal mediation. Here, you can find new… Read More »

Understanding the Role of a Defense Attorney in Fort Pierce: What to Expect

Facing criminal charges of any kind or level (misdemeanor to a felony) is a complex and often frightening experience. The full gravity of what may occur may rest heavy on your shoulders and cause you to make even more simple mistakes that could be easily avoided. Our team at Dadan Law Firm can help. We offer… Read More »

Benefits and Limitations of a Hardship License in Florida: What You Need to Know

It can be a harsh realization that driving is a privilege, especially when your livelihood depends on being able to commute or use a vehicle of some sort to earn a living and provide for your family. Unfortunately, there are situations where a moving violation can lead to a Florida hardship license. Understanding how this… Read More »

Top 5 Qualities to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

The Florida Bar Association has well over 100,000 members, each practicing law in some form or another. With so many attorney qualified to handle various cases, finding the perfect match for your unique situation can be a bit overwhelming especially when it relates to finding a criminal defense attorney. At Dadan Law Firm, we want to… Read More »

The Impact of a Skilled Fort Pierce Attorney in Criminal Defense Cases

Whenever you are faced with criminal charges, having a skilled Fort Pierce attorney can make all the difference in the world between a jail sentence and non-jail sentence. You need an attorney who understands criminal law and can bolster your defense based on their expertise and experience. You do not want to face criminal charges by yourself…. Read More »

Protecting Your Rights: Why You Need a Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges

Facing assault and battery charges suddenly feels like you are being held at the edge of a cliff with only a tiny breeze required to fall over. These are charges that cannot be ignored or shaken off without some experienced support. A strategic defense cultivated by a lawyer for assault and battery is crucial to your future…. Read More »

Seeking Legal Protection: How a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help Secure Restraining Orders

Domestic violence comes in a wide variety of instances. These situations require delicate handling as well as experienced management by a qualified domestic violence attorney. Without such support, victims and those accused can end up in a much worse situation. An often-used opening strategy for domestic violence is securing a restraining order. Knowing all the details… Read More »

Important Sixth Amendment Rights in Criminal Cases

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guarantee that every defendant gets a fair hearing and it also ensures that defendants have ample opportunities to defend themselves. Most importantly, the right guarantees that Fort Pierce based defendants who cannot afford to hire an experienced Fort Pierce criminal lawyer are well defended in court. If you… Read More »

What Is Unlawful Detention in Florida?

Definition Of An Unlawful Detention Our highly experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer, can determine whether you were the victim of an unlawful detention. An unlawful detention occurs when any law enforcement agent detains an individual without any legal justification. An unlawful detention is also known as an illegal detention or unreasonable/prolonged detention. A detention… Read More »

DUI Under the Influence of Marijuana: What You Need to Know

Contacting a Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer is essential to defending against your DUI case. Marijuana is currently the most commonly used illegal drug in the entire state of Florida. Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Martin County and St. Lucie County residents must all remain on high alert that law enforcement will arrest your for driving… Read More »