Domestic violence comes in a wide variety of instances. These situations require delicate handling as well as experienced management by a qualified domestic violence attorney. Without such support, victims and those accused can end up in a much worse situation.

An often-used opening strategy for domestic violence is securing a restraining order. Knowing all the details of how these provisions work and what steps must be taken to ensure they can be effectively utilized requires the expertise of an experienced legal team.

  1. What are Restraining Orders?

The essential point of a restraining order, often referred to as an injunction for protection in Florida, is to prevent a victim (the petitioner) from any contact with the abuser (the respondent). The less these individuals interact with one another, the lower the risk of harm.

Unfortunately, in our current environment, a broad range of protection orders is required. These injunctions can range in severity from long distances being required between victim and abuser to no contact on phone, email, or social media.

Working with a domestic violence attorney ensures you have someone specialized in the wording and unique characteristics of the injunction for protection. That may mean lowering the ability of an abuser to own a firearm or informing local law enforcement of any extenuating circumstances that could call the injunction into question.

When all is said and done, your domestic violence attorney should find a way to protect your rights while shielding you from any additional physical, emotional, and psychological harm over the short and long term.

  1. Understanding Grounds for a Restraining Order

Florida has specific restraining orders based on the unique situation of the petitioner. Some of the more common reasons include domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, stalking, and repeat violence.

In some unique cases, the victim may be someone under the age of 18. Here, legal guardians and parents can see injunctions for protection on their behalf as long as there is an apparent reason for such actions.

Again, an experienced domestic violence attorney will help navigate each circumstance and provide the documentation, evidence, and legal argument to secure the order. This may include making suggestions for the court to impose additional conditions like the abuser seeking counseling or moving to a new location in the event they live with the victim.

Wrapping Up

Our team at Dadan Law Firm works with both victims and those accused of abuse in domestic violence situations. We understand the subtle nuances and legal ramifications of these cases and can help secure the proper injunctions for protection you may need in the state of Florida.

With offices in Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, and Vero Beach, we work hard to ensure your rights are always protected through any situation involving domestic violence. Not only are we your advocate, but we represent your voice so that your story is told and your safety is assured.

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