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We make it our mission to put your legal rights first and offer aggressive representation to defend your case. Having an experienced attorney by your side is crucial to protecting your legal rights. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, going through a divorce, been injured in an accident, or fighting a traffic ticket we can help you. When you become a client of Dadan Law Firm you get immediate access to an attorney and your calls are returned in a timely manner. We are one of the best law firms that offers representation in Saint Lucie County, Martin County, Indian River County, Broward County, Dade County and Palm Beach County.

With a track record of success in and out of the courtroom, Fort Pierce & Vero Beach attorney Sasha Dadan will not hesitate to take your case to trial.


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Parental Relocation Lawyer

Dadan Law Firm understands parents need flexibility to move for better job opportunities, families, schools, resources, etc. Whatever your situation is a parental relocation lawyer can help. We are one of the best law firms that offers representation in Saint Lucie County, Martin County, Indian River County, Broward County, Dade County and Palm Beach County.

Relocation Prior to Divorce

If you are seeking to relocate your child, you are able to do so if no court order prohibits such relocation in another case. If you leave the state and you have less than 6 months in that state you moved to you will be forced to handle your case in the state you previously resided in for 6 months or more if your opponent files suit before you do.

Relocation After the Divorce Has Been Filed

If you are seeking to relocate after the divorce has been filed you will not be able to. Time-sharing/child custody will be at issue. If you cannot agree on relocation you may be forced to go to trial on the issue. The judge will decide where the child should reside.

Relocation After the Divorce Is Final

If you are seeking to relocate more than 50 miles from your original location you will need court permission to move unless your divorce settlement stipulates that you can move with the child.

What Factors Will The Court Consider To Allow A Child To Relocate With Parent?

  • The child’s relationship with both the relocating and non-relocating parent
  • The child’s age and current needs
  • The impact the move will have on the child’s development
  • The ability to maintain the relationship between the child and the non-relocating parent
  • Cost and logistics to maintain visitation between the child and non-relocating parent
  • The child’s preference
  • Whether the relocation will improve the lives of the parent and child
  • The parents’ reasons for and against the relocation
  • Whether the relocation is necessary for financial reasons
  • Whether the relocating parent is attempting to move for good faith reasons
  • Whether the non-relocating parent has complied with paying child support, alimony, and division of marital property, if applicable
  • Whether either parent has had a history of substance abuse or domestic violence, and
  • Any other factor affecting the child’s best interest.


The parent trying to relocate has the burden of proving that the move is in the child’s best interest. The court will schedule either a hearing within 30 days of the motion being filed, or a trial within 90 days of the filed motion.


Sasha Dadan

As a Florida bar licensed attorney, Sasha began her legal career at the Office of the Public Defender in the 19th judicial Circuit. As an Assistant Public Defender she represented over 3,000 clients in felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs, and juvenile cases where she gained significant trial experience. She achieved favorable results for her clients that ended in the dismissal of many criminal cases, acquittals, and suppression of evidence. Her ability to write, research, and analyze case law was key in her ability to suppress evidence and win appeals. Taking depositions of essential witnesses, police officers, and experts proved promising in settlement of her cases leading to satisfied clients. While at the Public Defender’s Office she received over 100 hours of continued legal education training in criminal law and trial preparation. She is also licensed to practice in the Middle District and Southern District of Florida.

After leaving the Public Defender’s Office, she handled civil cases involving domestic violence injunctions, time-sharing and child support matters. She helped establish the first Injunction for Protection program on the Treasure Coast assisting survivors of domestic violence seeking an injunction in the courtroom. Her profound knowledge of domestic violence injunction cases has led to the issuance of many injunctions and her aggressive trial tactics has made her invaluable and sought after for legal representation.

At Dadan Law Firm, Sasha is compassionate about every case she handles, and takes the time to listen to your needs. Her drive and determination for justice produces results. She represents clients in family, criminal, and civil litigation matters.

Sasha is equally active in her community. She is a member of the Saint Lucie County Bar Association, St. Lucie County Association of Defense Lawyers, and member of the Florida Bar Family Law Division.

Sasha is fluent in Spanish.




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