The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guarantee that every defendant gets a fair hearing and it also ensures that defendants have ample opportunities to defend themselves. Most importantly, the right guarantees that Fort Pierce based defendants who cannot afford to hire an experienced Fort Pierce criminal lawyer are well defended in court. If you cannot afford to hire a private attorney and you qualify for indigency, a public defender will be appointed to your case.

Additional Sixth Amendment rights in criminal cases as explained by a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer:

  1. Right to a speedy trial

Every defendant has the right to a speedy trial. This prevents the defendant from sitting in jail for a long time without a trial. It also reduces the amount of time for which the defendant’s life is disrupted by the case.

In a misdemeanor case you have the right to demand speedy trial after 90 days have expired.

In a felony case you have the right to demand speedy trial after 175 days have expired.

If you hire a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer, your lawyer will ensure your speedy trial rights are preserved. You must be aware that if you request continuance your speedy trial rights may be waived. If you believe you may have already waived your speedy trial right or need legal assistance in your criminal case contact our office at Dadan Law Firm.

  1. Right to public trial

Your Fort Pierce criminal lawyer will also let you know that every defendant has the right to an impartial jury trial. Your attorney will have the opportunity to voire dire potential jurors as to their biases to make sure you have the best jury for your case. At Dadan Law Firm we have experience conducting jury trials, and know the importance of picking the right jurors for your case. Call Now for a free consultation 772-579-0347.

  1. Right to a lawyer

Every defendant in any criminal case has a right to a lawyer that will defend him to the best of his/her ability. This Right is guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment and applies to the State courts by way of the Fourteenth Amendment. Gideon v. Wainwright declares this to be the case. In Gideon, the defendant requested an attorney to assist him in his felony case. The request was denied and the defendant was forced to defend himself without legal assistance. At the end of the trial he was convicted. He appealed to the U.S. Supreme court and that U.S. Supreme court ruled that the defendant and any defendant in a criminal case is entitled to an attorney if he/she cannot afford one.

  1. Right to know his accusers and the nature of charges against him

The defendant must be clearly notified of his accusers and the charges against him or her. The State Attorney will list out the nature of the offense in a document called the information. Having an information on file will help the attorney assisting the Defendant prepare for the case and explore potential defenses.

  1. Right to bring your own witnesses

Every defendant has the right to list and call their own witnesses in their criminal case.

  1. Right to be confronted by witnesses against him

Every defendant also has the right to be confronted by all the witnesses that are testifying against him/her.

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The Sixth Amendment is one of the most important rights afforded to a defendant. To learn more about your rights call Dadan Law Firm and learn how we can fight for you.