Definition Of An Unlawful Detention

Our highly experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer, can determine whether you were the victim of an unlawful detention. An unlawful detention occurs when any law enforcement agent detains an individual without any legal justification. An unlawful detention is also known as an illegal detention or unreasonable/prolonged detention.

A detention may be justified if an individual is suspected to have committed a crime but the circumstances should warrant the situation. Our Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer knows when an unlawful detention has occurred. An unlawful detention could result in the violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. We can file a motion to suppress any evidence illegally obtained. A successful suppression motion may result in a better plea offer and even dismissal of your case.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy to make a claim that your Fourth Amendment rights were violated that’s why you need an experience Fort Pierce Criminal Law attorney. A police officer may file a supplemental report adding facts to your case that warrant a search. A deposition is a discovery tool that can be used in your case to iron out these inconsistencies. Contact our experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer today.

Elements of an Unlawful Detention

One of the ways a Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer can prove that your Fourth Amendments were violated is to show that you were detained, you were not free to leave and officer did not have probable cause to detain you.

Why You Need a Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Lawyer in an Unlawful Detention Case

Whether the detention occurred in Fort Pierce, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Martin County, St. Lucie County, or in other cities in Florida, it is important to hire a lawyer for several reasons. A lawyer can defend your case, suppress evidence, which may lead to the dismissal of your case and come up with strategic defense that may result in a reduced sentence. Additionally, a Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Lawyer is familiar with the courtroom procedure and can efficiently resolve your case.

Not hiring a lawyer can have devastating consequences. You may have a criminal record, you may receive a harsher sentence, you may lose your livelihood. Hire a lawyer to protect your future today. Call Dadan Law Firm, PLLC at 772-579-0347.