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Understanding Child Support Laws in St. Lucie County, Florida: What You Need to Know

The different legal realities of Florida child support can be highly confusing to even the most experienced citizen. Trying to understand how much of your income will need to be set aside is no small feat considering all the different factors likely to be brought up in front of a court. Our team at Dadan… Read More »

Determining how Child Custody works: Legal Advice for Working Parents

If you are in the process of a divorce and you have children, timesharing will need to be discussed, and a parenting plan created to determine who the child(ren) will stay with, how often, who will take care of the child(ren) while you are working. The State of Florida starts with the presumption that it… Read More »

Understanding Child Custody Laws: Insights from Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Child custody battles are never easy. Even in the most amicable situations, details emerge that can quickly turn a straightforward custody plan into a complex web of meeting times, arrangements, and concerns. Working with a fully qualified family law attorney Fort Pierce, FL team is your best resource for getting the child custody arrangement you desire. That… Read More »

Suspension of Driver’s License for Non-Payment of Child Support

In Florida your driver’s license can be suspended indefinitely for non-payment of child support, failure to comply with a subpoena, order to appear, order to show cause, or similar order. The Department of Revenue will notify the DHSMV and your license will be suspended as will the registration on any vehicle you own. See Fla…. Read More »

Fort Pierce Family Lawyer: Paternity

Department of Revenue and Child Support Florida Chapter 409.256 gives the Department of Revenue (DOR) authority to seek child support on behalf of a child caregiver relative and/or parent. If you have been served with child support papers from DOR contact a Fort Pierce family lawyer immediately. You have only 20 days to file a… Read More »