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The Impact of a Skilled Fort Pierce Attorney in Criminal Defense Cases

Whenever you are faced with criminal charges, having a skilled Fort Pierce attorney can make all the difference in the world between a jail sentence and non-jail sentence. You need an attorney who understands criminal law and can bolster your defense based on their expertise and experience. You do not want to face criminal charges by yourself…. Read More »

Traffic Tickets: How to Handle and Contest Citations with Dadan Law Firm

Hundreds of thousands of moving violations are issued every year in the State of Florida. Even something as simple as driving 2 miles over the speed limit will incur a fine. If you are caught driving 30 miles over the speed limit you will have a mandatory court appearance and will be provided with a… Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Public Defender Offices: A Comparative Analysis

Whenever you are faced with legal charges, you want an attorney of your choice to advocate on your behalf.  This can be a challenge if you are on a fixed income and don’t have the funds to hire a private attorney. In situations where an individual cannot afford to retain private counsel, the public defender’s… Read More »

Understanding Assault and Battery Laws: A Guide from Dadan Law Firm

If you are facing a battery and/or assault charge, contact the Dadan Law Firm. A conviction for a battery and/or assault will affect your life, any professional licenses may be suspended, you may have a no contact order against you, and where you can live may depend on the outcome of your case. Our role… Read More »

The Role of Public Defender Offices: Ensuring Access to Justice for All

While our team at Dadan Law Firm works primarily with private clients, we do see the value in a public defender office Fort Pierce solution. Our head attorney, Sasha Dadan, worked as an Assistant Public Defender, representing thousands of clients in cases ranging from felonies to juvenile court. When you consider the role these legal teams have… Read More »

Protecting Your Rights: Why You Need a Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges

Facing assault and battery charges suddenly feels like you are being held at the edge of a cliff with only a tiny breeze required to fall over. These are charges that cannot be ignored or shaken off without some experienced support. A strategic defense cultivated by a lawyer for assault and battery is crucial to your future…. Read More »

Seeking Legal Protection: How a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help Secure Restraining Orders

Domestic violence comes in a wide variety of instances. These situations require delicate handling as well as experienced management by a qualified domestic violence attorney. Without such support, victims and those accused can end up in a much worse situation. An often-used opening strategy for domestic violence is securing a restraining order. Knowing all the details… Read More »

Important Sixth Amendment Rights in Criminal Cases

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guarantee that every defendant gets a fair hearing and it also ensures that defendants have ample opportunities to defend themselves. Most importantly, the right guarantees that Fort Pierce based defendants who cannot afford to hire an experienced Fort Pierce criminal lawyer are well defended in court. If you… Read More »

Arrested for Resisting an Officer Without Violence? What You Need to Know

Hiring an experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyers is crucial to properly defending against a resisting an officer without violence offense. An attorney can help you prepare a defense, file preliminary motions to get evidence suppress and/or get your cases dismissed. An attorney will review the State’s discovery against you and advice you accordingly. Never… Read More »

Disorderly Conduct: What to Know

Hiring an experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense attorney is one of the most crucial decisions that must be made when fighting a disorderly conduct charge. You could face jail time, probation and/or fines if you are sentenced in a case of this nature. What Is Disorderly Conduct? To prove the offense of disorderly conduct the… Read More »