It can be a harsh realization that driving is a privilege, especially when your livelihood depends on being able to commute or use a vehicle of some sort to earn a living and provide for your family. Unfortunately, there are situations where a moving violation can lead to a Florida hardship license.

Understanding how this will impact your daily activities is crucial to ensuring you can still get to and from where you need it. If you are seeking a hardship license, be sure to contact our team at Dadan Law Firm. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect.

Understanding a Florida Hardship License

The basic idea of a Florida hardship license is that it operates as a “provisional” driving permit. Instead of being a regular license with full driving privileges, your ability to move around in a vehicle as the driver is restricted.

Most often, a Florida hardship license occurs as a result of having your license suspended or revoked. Instead of losing all driving privileges, you are allowed to complete essential travel like to school, a job, or medical appointments.

Eligibility and Application Process

The eligibility and application process for a Florida hardship license is where most clients get a little confused. You must follow strict steps to receive this form of licensing. That can include taking a class, receiving a certificate, applying to specific government offices,  and covering any fees during the process.

You’ll likely have to sit in front of a hearing where an officer will determine if you qualify for a Florida hardship license, and that is especially where you want an attorney to review your situation and help smooth out any technicalities so you are well-prepared.

Benefits of Holding a Florida Hardship License

The primary benefit of seeking and receiving a Florida hardship license is that you can maintain the essential duties of your life. That is crucial if you are in the middle of a college semester or trying to earn a living for your family.

Without these provisions, you could quickly find yourself unable to travel to medical appointments or other engagements deemed necessary by the state.

However, a Florida hardship license doesn’t come without some limitations. There will be strict definitions of where and when you can drive. If you are caught outside of these parameters, you can expect much more severe penalties.

In some situations, like a DUI, the state may combine your Florida hardship license with an additional device verification system like an ignition interlock that tests your breath for alcohol before starting.

It is also important to note that a Florida hardship license is not permanent. There is an expiration date that will require renewal where you’ll have to prove you still require the assistance until you can get your full driver’s license back.

Final Thoughts

While getting your Florida hardship license can be easy, the pathway to ensure you receive it is often complex. That is where our team at Dadan Law Firm can help. We work with clients all over Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, and Vero Beach work past previous licensing  issues so you are able to continue the core activities of your day legally. Give us a call today at (772) 579-2771 and let’s sit down to review your situation.