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Suspension of Driver’s License for Non-Payment of Child Support

In Florida your driver’s license can be suspended indefinitely for non-payment of child support, failure to comply with a subpoena, order to appear, order to show cause, or similar order. The Department of Revenue will notify the DHSMV and your license will be suspended as will the registration on any vehicle you own. See Fla…. Read More »

Fort Pierce Family Lawyer: Paternity

Department of Revenue and Child Support Florida Chapter 409.256 gives the Department of Revenue (DOR) authority to seek child support on behalf of a child caregiver relative and/or parent. If you have been served with child support papers from DOR contact a Fort Pierce family lawyer immediately. You have only 20 days to file a… Read More »

Important Sixth Amendment Rights in Criminal Cases

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guarantee that every defendant gets a fair hearing and it also ensures that defendants have ample opportunities to defend themselves. Most importantly, the right guarantees that Fort Pierce based defendants who cannot afford to hire an experienced Fort Pierce criminal lawyer are well defended in court. If you… Read More »

Boating Under the Influence: BUI Defense Lawyer Fort Pierce

The Basics Of Boating Under The Influence (BUI) A lot of people are not aware that boating or riding other watercrafts under the influence of alcohol can lead to your arrest and a criminal charge in Fort Pierce, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and all other parts of Florida. If you… Read More »

What Is Unlawful Detention in Florida?

Definition Of An Unlawful Detention Our highly experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer, can determine whether you were the victim of an unlawful detention. An unlawful detention occurs when any law enforcement agent detains an individual without any legal justification. An unlawful detention is also known as an illegal detention or unreasonable/prolonged detention. A detention… Read More »

DUI Under the Influence of Marijuana: What You Need to Know

Contacting a Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer is essential to defending against your DUI case. Marijuana is currently the most commonly used illegal drug in the entire state of Florida. Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Martin County and St. Lucie County residents must all remain on high alert that law enforcement will arrest your for driving… Read More »

Arrested for Resisting an Officer Without Violence? What You Need to Know

Hiring an experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyers is crucial to properly defending against a resisting an officer without violence offense. An attorney can help you prepare a defense, file preliminary motions to get evidence suppress and/or get your cases dismissed. An attorney will review the State’s discovery against you and advice you accordingly. Never… Read More »

Disorderly Conduct: What to Know

Hiring an experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense attorney is one of the most crucial decisions that must be made when fighting a disorderly conduct charge. You could face jail time, probation and/or fines if you are sentenced in a case of this nature. What Is Disorderly Conduct? To prove the offense of disorderly conduct the… Read More »

What to Know About Criminal Mischief in the State of Florida

Family Law Fort Pierce Lawyer: Criminal Mischief A Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you defend against your charge. Florida Statutes Section ¬§ 806.13 defines criminal mischief as willfully and maliciously causing injuries or damages by any means any real or personal property belonging to another, including, but not limited to, the placement of… Read More »

Violation of Probation Hearings: What to Know

Hiring an experienced Port St. Lucie criminal defense lawyer is important when defending against your alleged violation of probation. A violation of probation carries serious consequences. You could face up to the original amount of time you could have been sentenced to or much more in a felony case. Violation of Probation Hearing Challenging a… Read More »